Out of the Frame - Onto the Cradle

To show a painting in the WSO exhibits, a frame with plexiglass is required. So I invested in one for this painting, with the plan of ditching it for a cradled board later. Notice the reflection off the plexi. I'm also reclaiming the border that was hidden behind a thin mat inside the frame.

This birch cradle is made by American Easel in Salem Oregon. Here I'm preparing the wood by sealing it with Golden GAC 100, so the art will not discolor over time.

I've rubbed the perimeter with green hued acrylic paints mixed with open medium to slow dry time. It's a bit bright so after it dries I add a very thin coat of magenta to tone it down.

Ready to attach to the board! Notice the paper is a bit smaller than the cradled board. Revealing a bit of the front panel accentuates the framed look.

This freshly cradled piece "Free as a Fish" exhibited last weekend at the Celebration of Creativity in Beaverton.