Seattle Demo

I was invited to demonstrate how I use the Cradled Panels to attach my watercolor paintings and finish them for display, using acrylic products, at the National Art Education Association Convention in downtown Seattle, March 18th. The panels are made from birch by American Easel, in Salem, Oregon and they are available at Art Media in Portland. I use Golden acrylic mediums to protect the art.

The event was at the Seattle Convention Center, which has several art exhibits, included the glass, below.

Opening night party was at the Music Museum which was amazing! As was the Space Needle by moonlight, next door.

My friends Beth and Russ went with me to Seattle. Beth is photographing the museum's glass entry. 

My demo was on Friday at the NASCO booth. I felt like I said the same thing a million times, as folks wandered by, but people were interested in the process, the samples and my handout.  They also enjoyed asking questions.