Several participants in this workshop group have already travelled with me on two or three trips and are signing up for France next year! This is undoubtably the very best compliment they could possibly give. Here is what they are saying:

As always, the workshop was the epitome of professionalism. You three work beautifully as a team — all conscientious, but also full of the joy of art and travel. The instruction was detailed, precise, focused and beautifully connected to the location. The critiques were kind, useful and encouraging. The food, music and humor were an extra delight — icing on a rich cake. The balance between exploration and time to work was well planned.

Loved the house where we stayed. Of course the time to paint was wonderful — especially the whole days. An amazing, life changing experience. Everything is beautiful & delicious. You cannot help but improve as an artist. 

Hard to choose what I liked best — from wonderful accommodations & fellow artists to informative lessons and critiques — all were great. And did I mention the field trips? Loved the flexibility in how we were using time. An incredible, joyful learning experience in a magical environment.

I would absolutely recommend it. Educationally this was an amazing 2 weeks. Financially the best value ever. Enticement? If you want the chance to learn about painting and have the time to try it out, sign up!

I look forward to another workshop with Rene for a year. I couldn’t have enjoyed the demos more — inspiration to try a new technique. Thank you —

I am so filled up with the joy of our shared time together in Tuscany.  It was one of my most enjoyable experiences.  Your companionship, sparkling personalities, remarkable skill sets from your lives, love of art, courage to be yourself in luminous watercolor, will be a treasure for me to remember. 

Immerse yourself in the experience of creating, discussing, loving art outside of your regular routine. You will be uplifted, inspired and form lasting bonds with like minded artists.